Multifilter is a jQuery plugin to let you filter a table based on multiple inputs.
Check it out below. It's pretty sweet.

Name Drink Pizza Movie
Homer Squishie Magheritta The Avengers
Marge Squishie Magheritta The Avengers
Bart Squishie Pepperoni Black Dynamite
Lisa Buzz Cola Pepperoni Iron Man
Maggie Duff Beer Magheritta The Avengers
Kent Duff Beer Hawaiian The Avengers
Patty Duff Beer Hawaiian District 9
Selma Duff Beer Pepperoni The Avengers
Otto Duff Beer Magheritta Star Trek
Carl Duff Beer Pepperoni Star Trek
Lenny Duff Beer Magheritta Pacific Rim
Stu Squishie Hawaiian Black Dynamite
Eddie Duff Beer Magheritta Star Trek
Lou Duff Beer Pepperoni Pacific Rim
Ned Duff Beer Pepperoni District 9
Barney Squishie Pepperoni Pacific Rim
Moe Buzz Cola Hawaiian Star Trek
Julius Squishie Pepperoni Pacific Rim
Jimbo Squishie Pepperoni Star Trek
Rod Duff Beer Magheritta Star Trek
Todd Squishie Hawaiian The Avengers